Folksy Logo and Brand Identity
We set out to create a visual identity for Folksy - an Indian Folk Art institution which wants to revive and modernise the vast yet disparate Folk Art scene of India. 

Its a project that was close to our heart, not only for the mission of the brand, but also as we got to explore multiple Folk Art forms while creating this brand identity.
Brainstorming and Ideation
Having sit with the client to discuss their brands purpose and what they would like to communicate through their identity, we set out to ideate of various metaphors that could be used to communicate what we wanted to.
Digital Black & White
We then went on to share concept sketches with the client. From there we moved forward with 3 concepts which they aligned with the most.​​​​​​​
Typography and Lockups
Color Explorations
And finally went crazy with color :P
Brand Iconography
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