There are so many feelings or emotions that is barely describable with words in the English dictionary. However the Japanese language has beautifully described these day to day emotions… This is my attempt to portray a few of these emotions which resonate with my art in Sumi E style.
SHIZUKA means silent, quiet or gentle. In a world with continuous chaos it is very important that we have a small corner of our own where we can sit and relax. A corner which is unhurried, calm and peaceful.
SHINRINYOKU or Shinrin-Yoku means forest bathing. In other words taking in the forest atmosphere. We often don’t realize how deeply we have gotten webbed in the world of technology and forgotten the anti dote nature has to offer. Forest bathing encourages you to become one with nature and switch off from all electronics.
TSUNDOKU  is stockpiling of books which is still unread. Most of us are guilty of this art of collecting books and keeping them at one corner and really not getting around reading them. However that does not deter us from getting a new book only to add to the collection. The word Tsundoku beautifully defines this sticky habit.
FURUSATO means home, homeland and the path leading to it. A lot of us live away from what we call home and at times long to be with our loved ones in familiar surroundings and things which fills our soul with joy.
TSUYU means rainy season or rain during any season. Rains bring in the much needed relief that one requires. Rains bring a sense of joy a sense of romantic nostalgia. The freshness in nature after a good rain shower is one of the most beautiful sights one can enjoy and absorb.
OMOTENASHI is hospitality at it’s finest. It is the Japanese practice of selfless service. To make your loved ones or customers feel special by bestowing compassion and empathy and showing the utmost respect.
HITORITABI means solo trip … something I think everyone should take once in their lifetime. Making a solitary journey opens up new dimensions inside of us which sometimes people spend a lifetime being unaware of. 
KOMOREBI means sunlight filtered through tree leaves.To be able to express the feeling with a word makes it even more beautiful. The gleaming reflection on the sunlight on leaves makes it one of the most serene scene nature has to offer. 
UKIYO is living in the moment completely detached from bothers of life. Ukiyo means the floating world… where you live in your own world without any outwardly worry. 
KENSHO is the zen like feel one experiences when one’s own nature is seen for what it truly is. To be in a state of enlightenment and inner balance is what we are all trying to seek in this mad fast world.
MONO NO AWARE is a term for the awareness of impermanence of things. “ The pathos of things “ . Since everything is transient, mono no aware explains the gentle sadness and wistfulness at their passing.
NATSUKASHI is pure joyful nostalgia. Bringing back happy memories of the past whether it be through rummaging old photos or even just plain sitting with a memory.
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